Sustainability is the nature of the renewable raw material and therefore also in the nature of Donausäge Rumplmayr. Timber is used in its entirety as we generate the required energy ourselves – which makes RURU a carbon-neutral company.

Timber for CO2 storage

No other raw material has a more coherent life cycle than timber. During forest growth, CO2 is absorbed from the atmosphere, oxygen is given back and carbon is bonded in the biomass. This carbon can remain stored in long-lasting timber products, wooden buildings, wooden components, wooden materials and wooden furniture and is only released again through the degradation process of unused timber in the forest or through combustion. Timber products do not merely act as CO2 stores themselves – using timber in the place of other products also prevents CO2 from being released as a result of their manufacturing.

A truck load of round timber, which you regularly come across on the roads, grows back every 1.5 seconds in Austrian forests.
We process this quantity of round timber into:

  • 17 m³ sawn timber – corresponds to half the timber requirement for a detached house with a timber frame construction.
  • 2.5 t pellets – corresponds to half of the annual requirement of a detached house heated using pellets.
  • 30 rm woodchips – raw material for producing 10,000 A4 paper notepads
  • 1.575 kWh electricity – 5.4 months’ supply for one household
  • 2,900 kWh process heat – this can heat up 50,000 litres of water from 10 to 60°C

There is absolutely no wood waste – each log is processed, without any leftover.

100 % usable. The raw material is processed entirely in our operations and nothing is leftover.

Sustainable timber harvesting

The Austrian forests are managed in an exemplary manner according to the international standard. In Austria, significantly more timber can be harvested sustainably thanks to the high rate of forest growth. The timber stocks in the Austrian forests have increased by 50% in the last 50 years, and the proportion of forest within the national territory has grown from 44 to 48%. The annual increase in forestry area corresponds to 4800 football pitches.
A truck load of round timber grows back every 1.5 seconds in Austria’s forests. You can find more information about the resource on: pro:Holz Austria.