timber products.

Timber as a raw material has accompanied mankind throughout history.
Modern timber constructions require raw materials which are accurately sized, stable and visually homogeneous as well as reliable in terms of their strength. This is precisely where you will find RURU’s special attention – when processing timber for lumber products, pellets, woodchips and sustainable energy.


RURU processes coniferous timber from the wood types spruce, fir and pine from surrounding forests. With the purchase of around 850,000 solid cubic metres each year, the company is among the large scale Austrian timber processors.

The traditional timber sourcing region includes Austria and the neighbouring regions in Germany and Czechia. The raw material mainly comes from the northern Limestone Alps, the foothills of the Alps, granite rock sites of the Wald- und Mühlviertel, the Bavarian Forest, the Thuringian forest and Bohemian forest as well as the Bavarian Jura.

Spruce-, pine- and fir- timber is relatively light, it can bear heavy loads under both tension and compression, and is also easy to work with. At the same time, it has unique atmospheric and aesthetic potential.

Thanks to its sustainable availability, its technological properties, its ability to store CO2 from the atmosphere in structures and its versatile re-usability at the end of its utilisation lifecycle, timber is the construction material of the future.

RURU processes

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