Ecological fuel

The secondary products incuring in the sawmill operation are used to produce high-quality RURU pellets. Customers obtain an ecological fuel which is made from sustainably grown coniferous timber which is native to Austria. 75,000 tons of pellets are currently produced per year.

The pellet production is completely integrated into our sawmill operations. This means that the raw material required for the pellets, as well as all the process heat and electrical energy required, are sustainably provided at the production site.

This is a great ecological advantage over any pellet production unit operating as stand-alone solutions.

The sawdust is transported internally via pipe conveyors or high-pressure blowers. This economises on transport routes and no heavy goods transport is required. Our biomass power plant provides the heat required to dry the planing and sawing chips in a sustainable manner. The pellets are supplied loose or in recyclable film bags. The pellets are produced in accordance with the stringent directives of the standards EN+ and DIN+, and compliance with these is reviewed on a regular basis.

Technical data

Diameter:6 ± 1 mm
Net Calorific value:≥ 4.6 kWh/kg
Moisture:≤ 10 %
Ash:< 0,6 %
Composition:100% spruce / fir
Fines:≤ 0.5 %
Bulk density:approx. 650 kg/m³