Reliable for
over 160 years.

RURU milestones


Starting the Rumplmayr Familys first frame saw mill in Neukirchen near Altmünster.


Rudolf Rumplmayr founds a new sawmill in Altmünster and exports
sawn timber to France, Germany and the Netherlands.


Starting up a large scale sawmill in Enns by Fritz Rumplmayr


Commissioning of the first industrial
biomass power plant in Central Europe. Since then, Donausäge is 100% energy self-sufficient thanks to the combustion and
conversion into electricity of the bark generated at the site.


Installation of a cogeneration unit


Completion and commissioning of the
pellet plant with a capacity of 75,000 t/year.

Precision, stability and a forward-thinking approach.

These company values have been within the family from as early as 1857 when the first sawmill in Neukirchen was commissioned. The name RURU dates back to Rudolf Rumplmayr who founded a sawmill in Altmünster in 1927 and started to export sawn timber under the brand RURU. Today, RURU is a sawmill industry leader in national and international demand, operating successfully in many countries in Europe and from Japan to the USA.

Reliable partner.

RURU is a reliable full-service buyer for the forestry sector. The company accepts round timber from spruce, pine and fir in a common diameter-, length- and quality range. RURU is also characterised as an ideal partner for all types of usage, from the thinning of forests, to regeneration, and not to mention final use of trees at harvest age. The regular suppliers of the family company also value the flawless processing of planned and provided quantities of timber, including in market phases where there is a temporary surplus supply. This industry leader is also characterised by the possibility of preserving and buffering large quantities of timber in the in-house wet storage facility within a short space of time.

Timber is the essence of the company.

Within the family company, we handle the resource timber with care and precision. This means that for each cubic metre of our sawn timber production, we use the minimum possible amount of round timber resource, and have developed the technical solutions we require to do this. The progress made in scanner-optimised sawn timber sorting also allows us to generate the maximum amount of high-quality sawn timber products from the harvested timber volume. This is the only way that we can guarantee our customers a reliable advantage at the top level.

Managing Directors

Severin Rumplmayr

Managing Director
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Rudolf Rumplmayr

Managing Director
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Friedrich Rumplmayr jun.

Managing Director
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Mill Management

Johann Brucker

Mill Management
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+43 664 88 65 32 30

Lumber sales

Dieter Buchmann

Lumber sales EU
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